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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mommy and Girl's Play Date Cards

Ever had to search your purse, for a scrap of paper and a pen, to write down your phone number for another mommy? Children and mommy networking or play date calling cards are the perfect way to keep in touch with other moms. Whether for playdates, baby sitting co-ops or birthday parties, having other mother's information is a pretty handy thing. Kid's calling card are no longer just for the socialites, but has become a very convenient networking tool, for moms in every social walk of life. Over the past two years I have been designing these handy little cards at Zazzle and now have over 400 designs to chose from, all are completely customizable to say what ever you want. The following examples are for mom's and girls, but I have a lot designed with boys in mind also. I hope you enjoy today's offerings.
Blue and White Mommy Play Date Card profilecardPretty Mommy Play Date Card profilecardPrincess Girl Play Date Card profilecardGlowing Fairies Play Date Card profilecardWhimsical Polka Dot Play date card profilecardFashionable Mommy Card profilecardChildren Calling Card profilecardMommy Calling Card profilecardMommy Calling Card profilecardButterflies Mommy calling card profilecardPlaid flowers Mommy calling card profilecardPretty Fairy Girl's calling card profilecardPretty Childrens Profile card / Calling Card profilecardStrawberry Calling Card profilecard

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