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Friday, March 16, 2012

Extreme Couponing

In today's economy you see more and more families using those grocery store coupons, to save a few dollars. It's really amazing when you stand behind someone, in the grocery store, who has tons of coupons (sure a little frustrating) and ends up paying next to nothing, for $300 worth of groceries. How do they do it, I wondered. What a way to save money on a tight budget. So I goggled extreme couponing and found a ton of online coupon sites. Sure most of these sites want you to log in with your email address, and I'm sure you'll be flooded with spam email, but maybe it's worth it. I found a few sites that can get you started with savings.
These sites looked like great places to start. And let's face it, even if you save only $10 per grocery trip, maybe you won't have to drive on gas fumes to get to work.
Check out these great looking coupon binders from Zazzle artists. Fill with pages and dividers from your local discount or office supply store, to get the kind of pages you want. Start your collection of coupons and start saving today.

Paper Grocery Bag Coupon Binder binderPretty Pink and White Coupon Organizer binderWhimsical Pink and Green Coupon Organizer Binder binderFun Custom Coupon Organizer Binder binderCoupon Binder binderCoupon savvy queen fun 2 inch avery binder binderCoupon binder with colorful dollar signs binderSaving Money 2Happy Couponing Binder binderPersonalized Coupon Binder, Funky Brown/Pink Zebra binderRetro Scissors Coupon or Sewing Organizer binderPurple and Black Polka Dot 2Coupon Organizer; Vintage Grocery Shopping binderOur Coupon Book Of Savings Binder binderCoupon Vault - Avery Signature Binder binder

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